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Archive recording
To record encoded programmes, please also read the instructions on
pages 110 and 111.
You can watch another programme
or playback a recorded programme
from the archive when recording a TV programme into the archive. You
can also play back the programme that you’re recording into the archive
or any other programme
with time shift.
• Immediate recording
Record interesting programmes directly into the DR archive with the
RECORD button
. When viewing time-shift broadcasts (see page 86)
the current broadcast can be saved to the DR archive. The programme
is recorded from the beginning to the end of the time offset recording
or to the end of the set recording time.
• Timer-controlled recording
Comfortably select your favourite programme for recording, from the
EPG or teletext. The timer overview has room for 50 entries. Watch the
programmes later from the Digital Recorder‘s archive.
• Serial recording
You can conveniently programme series broadcast with alternating start
In some broadcast networks (like UK FreeView) you can even let the
TV set record series and split events automatically depending on the
information provided by the broadcaster. A conflict manager (see
page 97) will also automatically try to find alternate instances of
conflicting recordings if signalled by the broadcaster (e.g. UK FreePlay).
Time shift viewing with archive recording
Whilst an archive recording is taking place you can play back the
programme that is being recorded or watch a programme on another
using time shift.
Archive playback
All the recorded programmes can be selected in the archive and played.
During archive playback, another programme can be recorded into the
Fast forward and rewind
There are three different speeds for winding and rewinding films.
Fast navigation by jumping
You can fast forward and rewind during a film at the touch of a button.
The jump width is adjustable (see page 88).
Smart Jump
function also ensures that the jump width is halved
each time the jump direction is changed or doubled after three jumps
in the same direction (max. 8 minutes). This way you can quickly find
a certain spot of the recording.
• Slow motion
You can use playback at four different slow motion speeds.
• Bookmarks
To find interesting scenes in a movie later, you can manually set the
bookmarks. In addition, there are also automatically set bookmarks every
time a broadcast is changed. You can jump to each of the bookmarks in
succession at the press of a button.
• Playing highlights
For recordings with manually set bookmarks you can limit the playback
only to the highlights. You then see the scenes 30 seconds before
and after each set bookmark. If there is more than one bookmark the
highlights are played one after the other.
• Cut/Hide functions
Unwanted sections at the beginning and ending of a recording are easy
to delete. Set hiding marks
around uninteresting sections to watch a
movie without interruptions or to archive it on DVD.
• Copying your recordings
You should burn recordings that you want to save permanently on
DVD or copy them on an external USB hard disc. Afterwards, you can
delete the recording from the archive.
Copying recordings, which originate from a CI Plus encoded station,
is perhaps not possible or only to a limited extent (see page 111).
Technical information
Switching off the TV set with the mains switch during operation or an
inadvertent disruption to the power supply (e.g. power failure) can cause
damage to the hard disc file system and hence loss of the recorded
broadcasts. Always first switch your TV set to standby mode (press On/
Off button on the remote control or switch-off button in the middle
of the operating eye on the TV set), before switching off at the mains
switch. Do not disconnect the USB storage device
from the TV set
under any circumstances whilst it is being recorded onto or whilst it is
being copied onto.
However, if unexpected problems occur when operating the hard disc,
formatting the hard disc may rectify this. Refer to the instructions on
page 108. Also follow the information for formatting on page 108
when using an external USB disc.
For TV sets with integrated hard disc (DR
Loewe is not liable for the loss of data on the integrated hard disc (DR
of your TV set. To avoid data loss, we recommend copying important
recordings to a rewritable DVD or an external storage medium.
Digital Recorder
only for TV sets with DR
only for TV sets without DR