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TV viewing with time shift
In the case of devices with an integrated hard disc, the Digital Recorder
records the TV programme you are currently watching in the background
if DR continuous mode is switched on in the Digital Recorder menu
(factory setting).
Time-shifted operation is perhaps not possible or only to a limited
extent for programmes of stations working with CI Plus encoding
(see page 111).
• Time shift
You can stop a TV programme at any time and continue playing it
later with a time shift. The maximum time shift is up to 3 hours. The
recording starts again from the beginning and the old content is
deleted every time you switch stations.
Fast navigation by jumping
You can wind and rewind during a film at just the press of a button.
The jump distance is adjustable.
Smart Jump
function also ensures that the jump width is halved
each time the jump direction is changed or doubled after three jumps
in the same direction (max. 8 minutes). This way you can quickly find
a certain spot of the recording.
Fast forward and rewind
You can fast forward and rewind at three different speeds in the
programme you are viewing with time shift.
• Slow motion
You can play a programme which you are watching with a time offset
at four different slow motion speeds.
• Subsequent archive recording
When viewing a time-shift TV programme, you can archive the whole
programme to the digital recorder’s archive.
• Setting bookmarks
During a football match, for example, you can flag goals or exciting
scenes. For this, the time shift recording is converted into an archive
recording. At a later viewing you can replay bookmarked sections of
a film as highlights. 30 seconds before and after the set bookmark
are played.
• Replay function
When, for example, you are watching live football, you can, at the
touch of a button, rewind by 40 seconds and replay a scene. You
see the live picture at the same time in a PIP picture (not for HDTV
Digital Recorder archive
You can record movies you want to watch later in the Digital Recorder‘s
Recordings of CI Plus encoded programmes are perhaps not possible
or only to a limited extent (see page 111).
If EPG or teletext data are available, the Digital Recorder stores the title
and additional information about each programme in the archive.
If additional languages are being transmitted for a DVB broadcast, these
are also recorded. DVB subtitles or teletext subtitles are recorded if the
recording of subtitles has been activated in the Digital Recorder settings.
Display language selection and subtitles as in TV mode.
Start playback of your recordings from the archive.
If bookmarks were set in a recording, these entries are marked accord-
ingly (
). You can start playback so that the bookmarks are played as
highlights (see page 103).
Comfortably select your favourite programme for recording from the EPG
or teletext and watch the programmes later from the Digital Recorder’s
An automatic Delete Manager always ensures there is sufficient recording
space for new movies (see page 97).
• Sort titles
You can have the broadcasts displayed according to time, alphabeti-
cally or by station name. You can therefore quickly find the recording
you want to watch.
• Rename/edit titles
You can change the title of a programme in the archive, if necessary.
• Parental lock
Protect your archive against unauthorised access by using the parental
lock feature.
• Delete protection
Set the delete protection for a movie to prevent it from being deleted
automatically by the Delete Manager (see page 97).
• Copy
Using time control, copy films from the archive of the digital recorder
to the external DVD recorder or onto external hard discs.
Digital Recorder
only for TV sets with DR