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In some English-speaking countries, teletext for DVB-T channels is
transmitted in accordance with the MHEG-5 standard. It contains text,
graphics, functions and shortcuts.
This is available in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand, for example.
Opening an MHEG-5 application
If an MHEG-5 application is available for the selected channel after the
channel has been changed, a message will appear on screen to that effect.
Red button:
Display the MHEG-5 application.
Depending on what the channel provides, the arrow
, the
OK button
, the
colour buttons
, the
END button
, the
TEXT button
and sometimes the
are used for MHEG-5 applications.
The appearance, key assignment and available functions
of the MHEG-5 applications are dependent on the
Loewe takes no responsibility for the accessibility,
functionality or content of MHEG-5 applications.
Opening MHEG-5 teletext
If no message appears informing you of how to switch
to digital teletext when you change channel, press the
TEXT button
End MHEG-5 application / MHEG 5 teletext
Select another channel
or navigate using the on-screen menu.
Interactive data services