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HbbTV / MediaText
(Hybrid broadcast broadband television) offers the user exten-
sive multimedia content, e.g. media libraries or additional information
on the programme that is currently playing (if these are available from
the current channel).
helps you to use the next generation of teletext/videotext
for HbbTV.
MediaText/HbbTV text can either be started directly or through an HbbTV
The TV must be connected to the Internet to use HbbTV/MediaText.
A connection speed of at least 6,000 kbit/s (DSL 6000 or equivalent)
is recommended for smooth playback of videos.
Open HbbTV application
If an HbbTV application is available for the chosen channel after changing
channels, this will be loaded during the automatic start process (see page
83) and a red button symbol will appear. When starting manually, the
application will only be loaded by pressing the red button.
HbbTV is offered by the selected channel.
Connection to the Internet.
HbbTV mode is set to
Red button:
Load / display HbbTV application.
The appearance, key assignment and available functions
of the HbbTV applications are dependent on the provider.
Under certain circumstances, the recording and
bookmarking functions of the applications may not be
Loewe takes no responsibility for accessibility, functionality
or content of HbbTV applications.
Hide / close HbbTV application
Hide / close HbbTV application.
Depending on the
start behaviour
set (see page 83),
the HbbTV application will be hidden (
) or
closed (
). In the start behaviour
you need to press the
END button
a second time for
closure. You will see a screen message after closing.
Open HbbTV text directly
MediaText/HbbTV text is offered by the selected channel.
Connection to the Internet.
Call up “standard” teletext (see page 54).
If you press the
TEXT button
again, the MediaText/HbbTV-
Text will be called up. The function of the
TEXT button
can be set (see page 83).
Navigation within the HbbTV text and how the coloured
buttons are assigned can vary depending on the provider.
Leaving HbbTV text/standard teletext
Pressing the
TEXT button
again ends teletext.
Depending on the settings selected.
Interactive data services