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Thank you
for choosing a Loewe TV set!
Loewe stands for the highest demands in technology, design and user
friendliness. This applies equally for TV, video and accessories.
In addition to the elegant design and the many different possible colour
combinations and installation possibilities, your Loewe TV set also offers
many technological options.
Loewe Image
State-of-the-art Full-HD-LCD-displays with LED-Backlight Technology. The
advantage of the LED-Backlight is in the reduced energy consumption and
high contrast values.
24p films played by a connected HDMI unit can be displayed optimally.
Loewe Sound
Loewe Sound
contains sound processors that are optimally calibrated
to the TV set and boasts a closed coverage construction type for the
integrated loudspeakers.
Many Loewe TV sets are fitted with a digital multi-channel audio decoder
for impressive 5.1 surround sound.
Loewe Media
You can reach the MediaPortal via the MEDIA button on your remote control,
giving you access to all multimedia functions of your TV set.
Loewe DR
If the hard disc recorder DR+
is integrated into your TV set, you can
record TV programmes simply at the press of a button. Programmes
currently being watched can be interrupted, rewound and played back
from the desired point if needed.
Scope of delivery
LCD TV set
Mains cable
Antenna cable
Velcro cable ties
Remote control Assist with two batteries
TV quick guide
The TV set is delivered ex-factory without speakers. You can configure
your own individual speaker system for your TV set to suit your needs.
Ask your dealer.
About this operating manual
For best results regarding safety and the longevity of the set, we recom-
mend you read the chapter
For your Safety
(page 8) before switching
it on for the first time.
The functions of the Loewe TV set are largely self-explanatory. However,
should you have any questions, the integrated
and the
info display
(see page 15) can assist you further.
The index/glossary from page 150 onwards gives explanations of certain
terms used in the TV set and the operating manual.
Paragraphs which begin with the symbol
indicate important instruc-
tions, tips or conditions for the following settings.
Terms which you will find in the menus or printed on the remote control
or TV set are written in
The necessary control elements are shown in the descriptions to the left
of the text containing the instructions for action.
In addition to the remote control, a PC keyboard can be connected to
one of the USB ports on your TV and then used to control your TV set
(see also page 134).
In the operating manual, this symbol indicates places in
which the use of a keyboard is particularly advantageous.
Depending on the connected accessory equipment the menus in the TV
set can differ from those described here. The sets are illustrated without
speakers in most figures.
All the station names, programme contents, the illustrated photos, titles,
albums and album covers in this operating manual are examples.
The operating instructions for your TV set are updated at irregular
intervals. We recommend checking now and then, especially after a
software update.
Interactive data services
In some countries the stations also broadcast interactive data services
with their programmes, leading to the functions of individual buttons
not being available or only so to a limited extent. You can find out more
about this from page 82 onwards.
Depending on the type of TV set. (equipment and upgrade options, see page 146.