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General information on Media
gives you access to photos, videos and music from your per-
sonal storage media, e.g. from storage media connected via USB and from
media servers in your home network to which your TV set is connected.
delivers multimedia data from the Internet.
Please follow the information in the right column for the Internet
Connecting the TV set to your network
To receive media via media servers in your home network or via the
Internet, you have to integrate your TV set in your home network.
You can connect your TV set both with a
PowerLine) or via a
. The TV set has
an internal WLAN antenna
. You can find connection examples for both
cases on page 19.
The TV sets are provided with a standard network configuration ex works
(automatic assignment of the IP address, WLAN deactivated
). The TV set
can normally have a wired connection to your home network without any
problems when using these default settings. For a wireless connection
or for integration in special networks, please select the corresponding
settings in the Media menu (see page
Your Loewe TV set supports the UPnP AV standard for data playback in
the home network. You can find more detailed information on this in the
technical data on page 143 and in the glossary from page 150 onwards.
If you wish to use the internet functions, we recommend registering your
TV set on our homepage.
(United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland),
(Australia) or
(New Zealand)
Register now
Register free-of-charge
Simply follow the steps in the registration process.
The MAC address of your TV set is required for the registration. You can find
this in the index of the TV set under
Integrated features – MAC address (TV)
Some of the Internet functions described below may not be available
(see also MediaUpdate chapter below). Loewe does not accept any
liability for the nature and content of receivable Internet services. This
also applies to the Loewe MediaNet portal. With its devices, Loewe
merely provides the technical platform that fundamentally enables
such material to be received. For this reason, Loewe cannot make any
guarantees regarding changes in the nature and content of the material,
particularly with regard to the future.
The content shown in the Recommendations area may change from
time to time without prior notice.
Help for configuration problems
Loewe cannot provide any support for PC hardware and software or
network components owing to the diverse configuration options with
home networks.
Please contact the administrator of your home network and/or special-
ist dealer for support when setting up and for maintenance of network
connections, storage media, media server software and network devices,
e.g. routers.
MediaUpdate - additional functions
Additional functions in the MediaPortal are planned, particularly for Loewe
. You can update your TV set yourself. You will find new software
versions on our internet page.
You can find notes on carrying out a software update on page 130.
DR+ Streaming
DVB radio
DR archive
Internet radio
Only for TV sets with WLAN functionality, see table on page 146.