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53 -
Configuring EPG
Start the EPG menu
EPG mode is started,
if not, press the
EPG button
Call the
EPG menu
Explanations of setting possibilities in the EPG menu:
In the
station selection
you can determine for which
station in the programme guide information is to be
displayed. Programme information is only displayed for
stations with
in the EPG list.
With the coloured buttons you can select or remove sta-
tions or only select the stations from the favourites lists.
Because of the large number of receivable DVB-S
tions you should restrict the station selection. This reduces
the data entry time and increases the clarity in the EPG.
Marking the stations according to reception ranges:
Digital terrestrial stations (DVB-T).
Digital cable stations (DVB-C).
Digital satellite stations (DVB-S)
Here you can switch the data entry for the electronic
programme guide (EPG) on and off.
If the data entry is switched on, your TV set tries to update
the database overnight (normally between 2 and 5 am)
or if required two minutes after switching to stand-by
mode. The TV set must be on stand-by for this and not
switched off at the mains switch.
The indicator on the TV set lights orange during data
entry in stand-by mode.
The data are also updated while you are watching the
EPG station.
is set, the switched off TV switches on auto-
matically from the standby mode at the beginning of a
set programme. A screen message appears when switch-
ing on. If this is not confirmed within 5 minutes with the
OK button
, the TV switches back off automatically for
safety reasons.
The programmes can be sorted either according to their
start times (
) or according to stations (
responding to station list
Paging through the programme list
Page backwards / forwards.
In the entries for
, you will see changes in
time as well as in date when paging. Scrolling in the
programme list is also possible when the selection is at
the top of the specifications.
Calling additional information about the programmes
Brief information about many programmes is displayed
below the programme list of the broadcasts.
You can call detailed information with the
TEXT button
this function is offered by the TEXT icon in the lower left.
The symbol explanations are described on page 40.
Programming a recording for a recorder
The selection is in the lower programme list,
if not, press the
blue button
The displayed page of the programme list includes the
desired programme, otherwise browse to it or suitably
limit via the specifications in the lower section.
Mark the desired programme.
RECORD button:
Timer data is called up.
Change or confirm timer data if necessary (see page 126,
“The direct way to record”).
Then a
red dot
will be displayed in front of this programme
as an identification.
RECORD button:
Deletes the already programmed record-
ing of the red marked programme from the timer.
If the timer data have been transferred to an external
recorder, then the timer must also be deleted there.
Data capture
Switch on TV when marked
Station selection
Electronic Programme Guide
Data capture
Switch on TV
when marked
Equipment and upgrade options, see page 146.