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Picture in Picture (PIP)
The concurrent display of two different images is referred to as Picture
in Picture.
Restrictions for the PIP mode:
The selection and combination options for main screen/PIP screen
basically depend on the device variant (with/without DR
) and the
number of receivers (tuners) of the TV set (see Equipment variants
on page 146).
In the case of TV sets that are only equipped with one DVB-T/C single
tuner, the PIP operation is restricted to AV-PIP (one TV station and one
AV source). If a satellite tuner is fitted subsequently in these devices, PIP
operation is also possible from a digital satellite picture and analogue
picture via antenna/cable.
A concurrent representation of two MPEG4 coded HDTV signals is
not possible.
A concurrent representation of two coded stations is not possible.
Picture change and station selection is restricted during recording.
PIP Mode is not accessible as long as an HbbTV application is active
(see page 82).
Your TV set distinguishes between two PIP displays:
Split screen In this case the screen is divided in the middle and the
additonal PIP image is shown on the right side of the
screen. Both images are compressed horizontally and
each gets half of the screen.
Small PIP In this case a small PIP image is inserted in the TV picture.
The PIP operation distinguishes between two functionalities:
iPIP Only in sets
a DR
: The TV picture is moved to the
PIP picture when you start the iPIP mode. The station of
the TV picture is now freely selectable. When you exit
iPIP mode the PIP picture becomes the TV picture again
and the PIP window is closed.
An orange frame around the PIP picture shows the iPIP
Standard PIP Stations freely selectable and changeable for PIP and TV
picture (coloured buttons have PIP-specific meaning, see
right hand column).
A green frame around the PIP picture indicates that the
station selection affects the PIP picture. A white frame
means that the operation refers to the main picture. If the
frame is blue, the station play is active in the PIP picture.
Starting and ending iPIP mode
On pressing the PIP button the currently displayed TV
picture becomes the PIP picture. You can select other
stations for the TV picture and still keep an eye on the
PIP picture. You can temporarily shift commercials or
programme sections to the PIP picture in this way.
The PIP picture becomes the TV picture again (PIP off).
Standard PIP
Starting and ending standard PIP mode
Show/hide PIP.
Select the PIP picture
The frame is green,
if not, press the
green button
Select the station as usual.
Select the station for the main picture
The frame is white,
if not, press the
green button
Select the station as usual.
Function of the coloured buttons in standard PIP functionality
The frame is green,
if not, press the
green button
Yellow button:
Switches contents of TV picture and PIP
Blue button:
PIP scan
in the PIP picture.
Picture in Picture
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