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Explanations of the sound settings:
For analogue stations: In the case of programmes with
twin sound, you can select separately between Mono/
Stereo or Sound 1 or Sound 2 for the loudspeakers and
the headphones.
For DVB channels: You can choose here if you wish to
listen to a special soundtrack for the visually impaired over
the speakers. This soundtrack uses an audio commentary
to describe the action taking place on-screen.
The menu item only appears if an audio commentary is
offered by the current channel.
Reduces volume differences, e.g. for advertisements that
are too loud.
You can indicate here which sound is output via the AV
socket for dual sound programmes: Sound 1 (e.g. main
language), sound 2 (e.g. foreign language), or sound 1+2
(both simultaneously).
Determining the maximum volume that can be set.
Specify the volume that is set when switching on the TV
set with the mains switch.
If the volume is higher when switching the TV set to the
standby mode than specified here, then it is reduced
automatically to the fixed maximum switching on volume
when it is turned on again.
The volume can differ according to the individual stations.
If the sound is too loud or too quiet in relation to other
stations, adjust the volume. When the menu is open, you
can select the stations one after another with
adjust every single station conveniently.
Set stereo balance so that the volume impression is identical
on the left and right.
If the automatic speech detection is activated, the sound
of the current programme is automatically output with
optimum comprehensibility when speech is detected.
Daily operation
more ...
Auto Volume
AV output
max. switch on
adjustment for
current station
Auto speech