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Preparing the remote control unit
Inserting or replacing batteries
Press on the embossed arrow whilst pushing the battery cover down.
Only use leak-proof micro-cells of the LR 03 (AAA) Alkali-Manganese type.
Do not use different types of batteries and old and new batteries together.
The batteries used must not be exposed to excessive heat such as sun-
light, fire or similar!
Pay attention to the correct polarity of + and – when inserting the bat-
If the batteries are too weak after longer use, the TV set prompts you
to change the batteries.
Dispose of used batteries in an environmentally friendly way (see page 148).
Push the cover back on from below after inserting the batteries.
Adjusting the remote control for operating the TV set
Press the
TV button
See page 129 for how to operate other Loewe appli-
ances and how to reprogramme the remote control
Initial installation
Bundling the Cables
The cables connected to the TV set can be bundled and fixed to the back
of the housing using the Velcro cable tie provided.
Then fit the cover for the connections (see page 18).