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Colour key function during radio operation
Red button:
On/Off screen
Yellow button:
Last selecting station
Button functions
Call MediaPortal,
select operating mode or function.
(e.g. Index)
with on-screen display: Info display,
info text appropriate to the content that can assist you
further, should you have any questions about your TV
without on-screen display: Access status display,
with status display open and repeatedly pressing
programme information (if available)
Open DR archive/Video archive
/ Timer list
Press button twice in quick succession:
Show / hide time permanently
Adjust picture format
On/Off PIP (picture in picture)
On/Off EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
On/Off teletext/MediaText
Call TV menu,
carry out settings
With opened menu: Exit menu;
Terminate inserts
Set operating mode
TV operation
Radio operation (standard assignment)
The assignment of the AUDIO button can be changed
(see page 129).
On/Off of the television set
On/Off device in standby
(Main switch must be turned on)
Selecting stations
Call station overview and with
Select station
Next/ previous channel
Select station with numeric buttons
Increase/ reduce volume
Sound on/off
Colour key function during TV operation
Red button:
Freeze on/off.
Start HbbTV
or interactive data service,
if this is available.
Green button:
Teletext functions
Yellow button:
Last selected station
Blue button:
Programme information
Overview of the most important functions
Depending on the corresponding settings (see from page 82).
Only for TV sets that contain an integrated hard disc (DR
), a connected external hard
disc (USB Recording) or that have an archive available on the network (DR streaming).