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Caring For the TV
Lamp Replacement Precautions
Never touch the projection lamp immediately after turning off the TV or you could be
burned.Wait at least 30 minutes after turning off the TV to let the lamp cool down
If the lamp has broken, handle the shards carefully to avoid injury.
The used lamp contains mercury. Please consult your state and local regulations regarding
disposal or recycling. Do not put the lamp in the trash.
Install the new lamp securely to avoid an electrical short or other damage. Insert the lamp
as described below, pushing it all the way into its slot. Tighten the screws to lock the lamp
securely into place or the lamp will not come on.
Do not touch the glass on the lamp with your bare hands. This can shorten the lamp life
and obscure the projected image. Use a cloth or glove to handle the new lamp.
Do not drop the replacement lamp or bump it against any surface; the lamp could be
permanently damaged.
Removing and Installing the Lamp
Turn off the TV, unplug it from the electrical outlet, and let it cool down for at least
30 minutes.
Make sure you have a replacement lamp (part number: V13H010R02).
Grasp the right speaker cover on the bottom and side, pull it off, and set it aside.
The lamp is very hot. You
must let it cool down for at
least 30 minutes before you
touch it or you could be
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