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Setting Up the TV
Operating the TV Safely
Except as specifically explained in this
User’s Guide
, do not attempt to service this product
yourself. Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Opening or removing covers may
expose you to dangerous voltages or other hazards.
Unplug the TV from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified personnel under the
following conditions:
When the power cord is damaged or frayed, or if it becomes hot.
When liquid has been spilled into the TV or if it has been exposed to rain or water.
If the TV does not operate normally when you follow the operating instructions, or if
it exhibits a distinct change in performance, indicating a need for service.
If the TV has been dropped or the housing has been damaged.
Do not stand on the TV or place heavy objects on top of it.
Do not block the slots and openings in the TV case.
Never push objects of any kind through the cabinet slots.
Never insert an object other than a digital photo card in the card slots, or an object other
than paper or an ink cassette into the printer. Do not use sharp tools to remove a card
from a slot or you may damage the slot and card.
Use only the ink cassette and paper specified for use in the Epson Livingstation printer
(part number V13H151010).
Never spill liquid of any kind into the TV.
Do not move or lift the TV by moving or lifting the stand or table supporting it; the TV
may fall and cause injury.
Replacing the Projection Lamp Safely
Never touch the projection lamp immediately after turning off the TV or you could be
burned.Wait at least 30 minutes after turning off the TV to let the lamp cool down
If the lamp has broken, handle the shards carefully to avoid injury.
The used lamp contains mercury. Please consult your state and local regulations regarding
disposal or recycling. Do not put the lamp in the trash.
Install the new lamp securely to avoid an electrical short or other damage. Insert the lamp
as described on page 97, pushing it all the way into its slot. Tighten the screws to lock the
lamp securely into place or the lamp will not come on.
Do not touch the glass on the lamp with your bare hands. This can shorten the lamp life
and obscure the projected image. Use a cloth or glove to handle the new lamp.
Do not drop the replacement lamp or bump it against any surface; the lamp could be
permanently damaged.
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