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Setting Up the TV
Setting Up the TV
Follow the steps in these sections to prepare a spot for your TV, set it up, connect it, turn it
on, and prepare it for viewing:
“Selecting a Location” below
“Installing the Set-Top Shelf” on page 12
“Connecting the HDTV Tuner” on page 14
“Connecting the CD-R/RW Drive” on page 15
“Connecting Other Equipment” on page 16
“Preparing the Remote Control” on page 33
“Controlling the HDTV Tuner With the Remote Control” on page 35
“Controlling Other Equipment With the Remote Control” on page 36
“Plugging In and Turning On the TV” on page 41
“Skipping Unused Input Sources” on page 43
“Labelling Input Sources” on page 44
“Turning Off the TV” on page 46
Selecting a Location
Select a suitable location for your TV and follow all of its safety instructions to ensure it
operates effectively and safely, as described in these sections:
“Important Safety Instructions” below
“Outdoor Antenna Installation and Grounding” on page 10
“Suggested Supports or Stands” on page 11
Important Safety Instructions
Selecting a Suitable Environment for the TV
The TV is very heavy. Two people are required to lift or move the TV to avoid injury.
Do not place the TV on an unstable or tilted cart, stand, or table. Place the TV on the
center of the stand, making sure it is fully supported on all sides.
Do not place the TV near water or sources of heat.
Do not place the TV in direct sunlight, such as in front of a window.
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