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Adjusting the Picture and Sound
Adjusting the Picture and Sound
You can make adjustments to your TV’s picture and sound quality, as described in these
“Adjusting the Picture Quality” on page 63
“Selecting the Aspect Ratio” on page 66
“Adjusting the Sound” on page 68
Adjusting the Picture Quality
Your TV offers three color modes (preset picture settings) that let you quickly adjust the
picture for various lighting environments and image types. After selecting a suitable color
mode, you can fine-tune the picture by adjusting its brightness, contrast, sharpness,
saturation, tint, black level, color temperature, and screen position. You can also create two
custom color modes that let you quickly adjust the picture for special viewing needs.
Color modes and picture quality adjustments are saved independently for each image source.
Before changing settings, select the source you want to adjust (for example, HDTV tuner or
DVD player) and display a picture. After you finish adjusting the settings for this source,
switch to each additional source you’ll be viewing and make any desired adjustments.
Select the source you want to adjust and display a picture.
Press the
button on the TV panel or the remote control.
Press the
button. The Color Mode setting is highlighted.
Depending on your input
source, not all of the
picture quality adjustments
may be available.
You can use the buttons on
the TV or the remote for all
menu operations.
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