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Setting Up the TV
Antenna or Direct Cable TV Connection
Connect the TV to an outside antenna or to your cable system using a 75-ohm coaxial cable.
Connect the cable coming into the house to the
connector on the back of the TV.
If your coaxial cable has a screw-type connector on the end, secure it by turning the end
If you’ll also be attaching a VCR to the TV, you need to use a different connection method so
you can record TV programs. See “VCR and Cable Service (Without Cable Box)
Connection” on page 25.
Wall jack
If you have an older home,
you may have a 300-ohm
twin lead cable. If so, you
also need an antenna
connector or U/V splitter to
connect it to your TV. Keep
the twin lead cable as far
away from your TV as
possible to reduce the
radio noise that may cause
signal problems.
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