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Epson America, Inc., Limited Warranty
What Is Covered
: Epson America, Inc. (“Epson”) warrants to the original consumer purchaser
that the Epson rear projection television product (including any accessories) enclosed with
this limited warranty statement, if purchased new and delivered in the United States or
Canada, conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications and will be free from defects in
workmanship and materials for a period of two (2) years from the date of original purchase,
except that the warranty period for the included lamp is 90 days from the date of original
purchase. For warranty service, you must provide a sales receipt or bill of sale as proof of the
date of purchase.
What Epson Will Do to Correct Problems
: Should your Epson Product require service during
the warranty period, you must contact Epson for service diagnostic and repair procedures.
For the television unit
, Epson will provide on site service to repair or replace the Product, at
Epson’s option, without charge for parts or labor. On-site service may not be available in all
areas or all instances. If on-site service is not available or cannot be accomplished, Epson has
the option to perform repairs at an Epson authorized repair center, in which case Epson will
arrange and pay for shipping to and from the repair location. In such case it may be necessary
for Epson to remove the television unit and return it after the repair.
For included accessories
(e.g., Printer, CD-RW drive, Remote Control, ATSC Tuner)
, Epson will exchange the defective
unit as needed without charge for parts or labor. With an exchange of a defective unit, Epson
will ship a replacement unit to you, freight prepaid, to an address in the U.S or Canada.
Shipments to other locations (Puerto Rico and U.S. Possessions) will be made freight collect.
You are responsible for securely packaging the defective unit and returning it to Epson within
five (5) working days of receipt of the replacement. Epson requires a debit or credit card
number to secure the cost of the replacement unit in the event that you fail to return the
defective one. In all cases where warranty service involves the replacement of the product or of
a part, the item replaced becomes Epson property. The exchanged product or part may be new
or previously repaired to the Epson standard of quality, or, at Epson’s option, may be another
model of like kind and quality. Replacement products and parts assume the remaining
warranty period of the product covered by this limited warranty.
What This Warranty Does Not Cover
: This warranty covers only normal use of the Product in
the United States and Canada. 24-hour-per-day use of this product causes unusual strain and
is not considered normal use. This warranty does not cover consumables (e.g., fuses or
batteries), other than the 90 day warranty as to the lamp. This warranty does not apply to
used, refurbished or reconditioned products and is not transferable. The warranty does not
cover set up adjustments or signal reception problems; it does not cover damage due to
misuse, abuse or neglect or due to disasters such as fire, water or lightning, or due to electrical
currents or surges; it does not cover failure to properly maintain the Product, improper
shipping or installation, using the product other than as intended, interaction with non-
Epson products, or service or modification of the Product other than by an Epson Authorized
Servicer. The warranty shall be invalid if the Epson label, rating label or serial number has
been altered or removed. If a claimed defect cannot be identified or reproduced in service, or
you fail to make the Product available for a service call, you will be held responsible for costs
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