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Solving Problems
Solving Problems
If you have a problem with the TV, read any error messages on the screen and check the lights
on the front panel. Then follow the suggested solutions in these sections:
“Responding to Screen Error Messages” below
“Responding to TV Panel Light Indicators” on page 110
“Basic Operation Problems” on page 112
“Picture Problems” on page 112
“Sound Problems” on page 113
“TV Reception or Operation Problems” on page 114
“Remote Control Problems” on page 114
“Problems Viewing Photos from Cards or Discs” on page 115
“Printing Problems” on page 115
“Problems Saving Photos to a CD-R/RW” on page 121
“Where to Get Help” on page 121
Responding to Screen Error Messages
Replace the Lamp
The projection lamp is almost burned out.
Order replacement lamp number V13H010R02, then follow the steps on
page 97 to replace it.
The TV is overheating.
The TV is overheating and the lamp has turned off automatically.
Turn off the TV and let it cool for a few minutes. Make sure there is plenty of
space around the TV and that none of the ventilation slots are obstructed. If
necessary, clean the TV’s air filter, as described on page 95. Then turn the TV
back on. If it continues to overheat, contact Epson as described on
page 121.
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