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Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital is a multi-channel digital signal format developed by Dolby
A total of 5.1-channels are played: 3 front channels (“FL”, “FR” and “C”), 2
surround channels (“SL” and “SR”) and the “LFE” channel for low
frequency effects.
Because of this, there is no crosstalk between channels and a realistic
sound field with a “three-dimensional” feeling (sense of distance,
movement and positioning) is achieved. This delivers a thrilling surround
sound experience in the home.
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital Plus is an improved Dolby Digital signal format that is
compatible with up to 7.1-channels of discrete digital sound and also
improves sound quality thanks to extra data bit rate performance. It is
upwardly compatible with conventional Dolby Digital, so it offers greater
flexibility in response to the source signal and the conditions of the
playback device.
Dolby Surround
Dolby surround is a next generation surround technology that intelligently
up mixes stereo; 5.1 and 7.1 content for playback through your surround
speaker system. Dolby surround is compatible with traditional speaker
layouts, as well as Dolby Atmos enabled playback systems that employ in-
ceiling speakers or products with Dolby speaker technology.
Dolby Speaker Technology (Dolby Enabled Speakers)
A convenient alternative to speakers built into the ceiling, products utilizing
Dolby speaker technology employ the ceiling above you as a reflective
surface for reproducing audio in the height plane above the listener. Dolby
enabled speakers feature a unique upward firing driver and special signal
processing that can be built into a conventional speaker, or a standalone
speaker module, minimally impacting the overall speaker system footprint
while providing an immersive listening experience during Dolby Atmos and
Dolby surround playback.
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