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Guidelines for safe and efficient use
The phone should be charged in a
well ventilated area.
Do not subject this unit to
excessive smoke or dust.
Do not keep the phone next to
credit cards or transport tickets; it
can affect the information on the
magnetic strips.
Do not tap the screen with a
sharp object as it may damage
the phone.
Do not expose the phone to liquid
or moisture.
Use the accessories like
earphones cautiously. Do not
touch the antenna unnecessarily.
Do not use, touch or attempt to
remove or fix broken, chipped
or cracked glass. Damage to the
glass display due to abuse or
misuse is not covered under the
Your phone is an electronic
device that generates heat
during normal operation.
Extremely prolonged, direct
skin contact in the absence
of adequate ventilation may
result in discomfort or minor
burns. Therefore, use care when
handling your phone during or
immediately after operation.
e³³iciEµT PHOµE OPER´TiOµ
All mobile phones may get
interference, which could affect
Do not use your mobile phone
near medical equipment
without requesting permission.
Avoid placing the phone over
pacemakers, for example, in your
breast pocket.
Some hearing aids might be
disturbed by mobile phones.
Minor interference may affect
TVs, radios, PCs, etc.
Check the laws and regulations on
the use of mobile phones in the
area when you drive.
Do not use a hand-held phone
while driving.
Give full attention to driving.
Pull off the road and park before
making or answering a call if
driving conditions so require.
RF energy may affect some
electronic systems in your vehicle
such as car stereos and safety
This manual is suitable for devices