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Guidelines for safe and efficient use
to the network. In some cases,
transmission of data files or
messages may be delayed until
such a connection is available.
Ensure the above separation
distance instructions are
followed until the transmission
is completed.
pRODUcT c´RE ´µD
Only use batteries, chargers
and accessories approved for
use with this particular phone
model. The use of any other
types may invalidate any
approval or warranty applying
to the phone, and may be
Do not disassemble this unit. Take
it to a qualified service technician
when repair work is required.
Repairs under warranty, at
LG’s discretion, may include
replacement parts or boards that
are either new or reconditioned,
provided they have functionality
equal to that of the parts being
Keep away from electrical
appliances such as TVs, radios,
and personal computers.
The unit should be kept away
from heat sources such as
radiators or cookers.
Do not drop.
Do not subject this unit to
mechanical vibration or shock.
Switch off the phone in any area
where you are required to do
so by special regulations. For
example, do not use your phone
in hospitals as it may affect
sensitive medical equipment.
Do not handle the phone with wet
hands while it is being charged.
It may cause an electric shock
and can seriously damage your
Do not charge a handset near
flammable material as the
handset can become hot and
create a fire hazard.
Use a dry cloth to clean the
exterior of the unit (do not use
solvents such as benzene, thinner
or alcohol).
Do not charge the phone when it
is on soft furnishings.
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