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Guidelines for safe and efficient use
Do not use the phone at a
refuelling point.
Do not use near fuel or chemicals.
Do not transport or store
flammable gas, liquid, or
explosives in the same
compartment of your vehicle
as your mobile phone and
Iµ ´iRcR´³T
Wireless devices can cause
interference in aircraft.
Turn your mobile phone off before
boarding any aircraft.
Do not use it on the ground
without permission from the crew.
Keep the phone in a safe place
out of the reach of small children.
It contains small parts which
may cause a choking hazard if
eMERgEµcY c´¶¶S
Emergency calls may not be
available under all mobile networks.
Therefore, you should never
depend solely on the phone for
emergency calls. Check with your
local service provider.
You do not need to completely
discharge the battery before
recharging. Unlike other battery
systems, there is no memory
effect that could compromise the
battery’s performance.
Use only LG batteries and
chargers. LG chargers are
designed to maximise the battery
Do not disassemble or short-
circuit the battery pack.
Keep the metal contacts of the
battery pack clean.
Replace the battery when it
no longer provides acceptable
performance. The battery pack
may be recharged hundreds of
times until it needs replacing.
Recharge the battery if it has
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