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Menu 9.8
Network Selection
(Menu 9.8.1)
The Network Selection feature allows you to indicate how the network you
will use is selected when roaming outside your home area.
Options are: Automatic, Manual and Preferred.
You can select a network other than your home network only if it has a
valid roaming agreement with your home network.
Allows you to set the phone to automatically search for and
select one of the cellular networks available in your area. The phone will
be set to
by default.
Allows you to select the desired network manually from a list of
networks. If the connection to the manually selected network is lost, the
phone will sound an error tone and ask you to select a network again. The
selected network must have a roaming agreement with your home network,
that is, the operator whose SIM card is in your phone. The phone lets you
select another network if the phone fails to access the selected network. If
you switch off the phone, the phone will be reset to
You can set a list of preferred networks the handset should
attempt to register with first, before attempting to register to any other
networks. This list is created from the handset’s predefined list of known
GPRS Attach
(Menu 9.8.2)
If you select
Power On
and you are in a network that supports packet data,
the phone registers to the GPRS network and sending short messages will
be done via GPRS. Also, starting an active packet data connection, for
example, to send and receive e-mail, is quicker. If you select
, the phone will use a packet data connection only if you start an
application or action that needs it. The GPRS connection is closed after it
is not used by any application.
: Shown only if supported by SIM card
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