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Change Password:
You can set and change the call barring password
obtained from your service provider using this option. You must enter
the current password before you can specify a new one. Once you have
entered a new password, you are asked to confirm it by entering it again.
To use Call Barring Service, you must input the network password.
When calls are barred, calls may be possible to certain emergency
numbers in some networks.
Fixed Dial Number (FDN)
(Menu 9.7.3)
Allows you to restrict your outgoing calls to selected phone numbers, if
this function is supported by your SIM card. The PIN2 code is required.
The following options are available:
You can only call phone numbers stored in the Address Book.
You must enter your PIN2.
You can call any number.
Number List:
You can view the number list saved as fixed dial number.
Not all SIM cards have a PIN2. If your SIM card does not, this menu
option is not displayed.
Change Codes
(Menu 9.7.4)
The Change Codes feature allows you to change your current password to
a new one. You must enter the current password before you can specify a
new one.
You can change the access codes:
Security Code
PIN1 Code
PIN2 Code
: Personal Identification Number.
Be sure to store any changes you make in a place you can remember or
contact your service provider if you need to reset your security codes.
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