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Menu 9.7
Various codes and passwords are used to protect the features of your
phone. They are described in the following sections (see
page 25
PIN Code Request
(Menu 9.7.1)
When the PIN code request feature is enabled, you must enter your PIN
each time you switch the phone on. Consequently, any person who does
not have your PIN cannot use your phone without your approval.
Before disabling the PIN code request feature, you must enter your
The following options are available:
You must enter the PIN each time the phone is switched on.
The phone connects directly to the network when you switch it on.
Call Barring Service
(Menu 9.7.2)
Call barring allows you to restrict from making and receiving calls with
your phone. For this function, you need the barring password, which you
can obtain from your service provider.
The following options are available:
All Outgoing:
Calls cannot be made.
Outgoing International:
International calls cannot be made.
International Except Home Country:
When abroad,
calls can be made only to numbers within the current country and to your
home country, which is where your home network provider is located.
All Incoming:
Calls cannot be received.
Incoming When Abroad:
Calls cannot be received when you are using
your phone outside your home service area.
Cancel All Barrings:
All call barring settings are deactivated; calls can
be made and received normally.
: Shown only if supported by SIM card
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