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Call Settings
Menu 9.4
To change the settings for call diverting:
Call Forwarding
(Menu 9.4.1)
When this network service is activated, you can direct your incoming calls
to another number, for example, to your voice mailbox number. For
details, contact your service provider.
The following options are available:
All Voice Calls:
Diverts voice calls unconditionally.
If Busy:
Diverts voice calls when the phone is in use.
If No Reply:
Diverts voice calls which you do not answer.
If Out Of Reach:
Diverts voice calls when the phone is switched off or
out of coverage.
All Data Calls:
Diverts to a number with a PC connection
All Fax Calls:
Diverts to a number with a fax connection
• Activate:
Activates the corresponding service.
- Number:
Inputs the number for diverting.
• Cancel:
Cancels the corresponding service.
• View Status:
Checks the status of the service.
Cancel All:
Cancels all call divert service.
Shown only if supported by SIM card
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