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Received Calls
Menu 6.3
This option lets you view the last 20 incoming calls. You can also:
• View the number if available and call it, or save it in the Address Book
• Enter a new name for the number and save both in the Address Book
• Send a message to this number
• Delete the call from the list
Delete Recent Calls
Menu 6.4
Allows you to delete
Dialed Calls
lists. You can
All Calls
list at one time.
Call Durations
Menu 6.5
Allows you to view the duration of your incoming and outgoing calls. You
can also reset the call times. The following timers are available:
Last Call
(Menu 6.5.1)
Length of the last call.
Received Calls
(Menu 6.5.2)
Length of the incoming calls.
Dialed Calls
(Menu 6.5.3)
Length of the outgoing calls.
Recent Calls
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