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Games & Apps
Display detailed information on the selected program. This
includes the program name, program size, program version, vendor
information and the website address or the URL.
Send Information:
Selected Java MIDIet information such as MIDIet
name, size, version, vendor and jad URL can be sent via SMS.
Access Point
Menu 4.3
For futher details, see
page 93
View Information
Menu 4.4
The downloaded programs using WAP are stored in the phone memory.
There is a maximum memory capacity in the phone and once you exceed
this memory, you will not be able to store any more programs. The View
Information menu allows you to check the available memory capacity in
the phone.
Memory Status
(Menu 4.4.1)
Displays maximum memory capacity and total available memory
Java Version
(Menu 4.4.2)
Displays current Java version.
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