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Java is a technology developed by Sun Microsystems. Similar to the way
you would download the Java Applet using the standard Netscape or MS
Internet Explorer browsers, Java MIDIet can be downloaded using the
WAP enabled phone. Depending on the service provider, all Java based
programs such as Java games can be downloaded and run on a phone.
Once downloaded, the Java program can be viewed within the Games &
Apps menu where you can select, execute or delete. The Java program files
saved in the phone are in .JAD and .JAR formats.
The JAR file is a compressed format of the Java program and the JAD
file is a description file that includes all detailed information. From the
network, prior to download, you can view all detailed file descriptions
from the JAD file.
Only J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) based programs will run in a
phone environment.
The J2SE (Java 2 Standard Edition) based programs will only run
in a PC environment.
Download Games
Menu 4.1
This menu option connects to Rogers game download site.
Games & Apps
Menu 4.2
Games & Apps menu displays the list of Java programs downloaded. All
previous downloaded programs can be selected, deleted or viewed in detail
within the Games & Apps menu. From the list within the Games & Apps
menu, the following options are available:
Opens the selected program. The list includes all Java programs
installed in the phone.
Deletes the selected program. Once deleted, you will not be able
to restore the program unless it is downloaded again using the WAP.
Games & Apps
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