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(Menu 2.2.5)
Using this menu, you can preset up to five multimedia messages that you
use most frequently. This menu shows the preset multimedia message list.
The following options are available.
• Send:
Supports multiple number and email addresses.
• Preview:
Allows you to see the multimedia message you wrote.
• Save:
Allows you to save multimedia messages as a draft or as templates.
• Delete:
Allows you to delete the image or sound.
• Slide Duration:
Allows you to set a timer for the slide and text.
• Slide Format:
Allows you to make the message contents aligned right,
left, top and bottom.
• Add Slide:
Allows you to add a slide before or after the current slide.
You must create one draft multimedia message in order to see some of
the listed options.
(Menu 2.2.6)
Via this menu, you can set up default multimedia message information.
The following options are available:
Message Subject:
Enter the message title.
Slide Duration:
Displays the duration of each page when writing the
You can make the message contents aligned.
Validity Period:
Set the duration for keeping messages on the network
server. Options are: Maximum, 30 Minutes, 1 Hour, 6 Hours, 1 Day or
1 Week.
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