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(Menu 2.2.3)
Allows you to see sent messages here. For sent message, you can see the
delivery status.
• Timer Stop:
Timer stop menu is displayed when you receive the
message including various pictures. Usually, the pictures slide
automatically. However, if you select this menu, you can see the next
picture by pressing the left soft key manually.
• Previous Slide:
View the previous page.
• Restart:
Allows you to replay current messages.
• Save Message:
Allows you to save multimedia message in draft or as
• Save Items:
Saves the item such as image or sound as an attachment in a
• Details:
Allows you to view information about outbox messages; Subject
(only for multimedia message), Message date & time, Message type,
Message size.
• Reply:
Allows you to reply to the
current message.
• Reply All:
Allows you to reply to the all messages.
• Delete Message:
Allows you to delete the current message.
• Forward:
Allows you to forward the current message to other recipients.
(Menu 2.2.4)
Sent messages are stored, and you can see them here.
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