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• Add Sound:
Allows you to add a sound before or after the current sound.
• Delete Image:
Deletes the current image.
• Delete Sound:
Deletes the current sound.
Delete Image and Delete Sound options will only be visible after
image or sounds are created within a new message.
(Menu 2.2.2)
You will be alerted when you have received messages. They will be stored
in the Inbox. In the Inbox, you can identify each message by icons. For
detail, see the icon directive below.
If the phone has ‘no space for message’, you can make space in each
repository by deleting messages, media and applications.
• Timer Stop:
Timer stop menu is displayed when you receive the
message including various pictures. Usually, the pictures slide
automatically. However, if you select this menu, you can see the next
picture by pressing the left soft key manually.
• Previous Slide:
View the previous page.
• Restart:
Allows you to replay multimedia messages.
• Save Message:
Allows you to save a multimedia message in draft or as
• Save Items:
Allows you to extract picture and sound.
• Details:
Allows you, to view information about received messages;
Sender’s address, Subject (only for multimedia message), Message date
& time, Message type, Message size.
• Reply:
Allows you to reply to the sender.
• Reply All:
Allows you to reply to the senders.
• Delete Message:
Allows you to delete the current message.
• Forward:
Allows you to forward the selected message to other recipients.
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