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Email Gateway:
Allows you to store or change the number of your
email gateway required when sending text messages.
If you set it to
, allows you to enter the subject.
Bearer Setting:
You can select GPRS or GSM. Contact your network
operator or service provider for information related to setting a selected
bearer, pricing and connecting speed.
GSM Preferred/GPRS Preferred
Delete All
(Menu 2.1.6)
Allows you to delete all text messages.
Multimedia Messages
Menu 2.2
A multimedia message can contain text, images, and/or sound clips. This
feature can be used only if it is supported by your network operator or
service provider. Only devices that offer compatible multimedia message
or e-mail features can receive and multimedia messages. Attach to add
Symbol, Picture, Sound, Recorded Voice, Text Template.
Write Message
(Menu 2.2.1)
The following options are available.
• Send:
Supports multiple number and email addresses.
• Preview:
Allows you to see the multimedia message you wrote.
• Save:
Allows you to save multimedia messages as a draft or as templates.
• Delete:
Deletes the MMS message.
• Slide Duration:
Allows you to set a timer for the slide and text.
• Slide Format:
Allows you to make the message contents aligned right,
left, top and bottom.
• Add Slide:
Allows you to add a slide before or after the current slide.
: Shown only if supported by SIM card
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