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(Menu 2.1.4)
This menu option shows the draft message list. Scroll through the list using
the up/down navigation keys.
The following options are available.
You can view a selected message.
Deletes the selected draft message.
You can edit a selected message.
Delete All:
Allows you to erase all messages.
(Menu 2.1.5)
This menu allows you to set up default SMS information.
Message Types:
Allows you to set the default message type (Text,
Voice, Fax, Paging, X.400, E-mail, ERMES). The network can convert
the messages into the selected format. The type of message you desire
can be set to Text Type.
Valid Period:
Allows you to set the length of time for which your text
messages will be stored at the SMS center while attempts are made to
deliver them to the recipient. Possible values are Maximum, 30 Minutes,
1 Hour, 6 Hours, 1 Day and 1 Week which can be authorized by your
service provider.
Delivery Reports:
Allows you to activate or deactivate the report
function. When this function is activated, the network informs you
whether or not your message has been delivered.
Reply With Same Service:
Allows the recipient of your SMS message
to send you a reply via your message center, if the service is provided by
the network.
Message Center Number:
Allows you to store or change the number of
your email gateway required when sending text messages. You must
obtain this number from your service provider.
: Shown only if supported by SIM card
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