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Shutter Sound:
Allows you to select a sound when you press the
Sound 1 / Sound 2 / Sound 3 / Silent
Default Settings:
This restores the original camera settings (Size,
Brightness, Zoom, etc.).
Menu 1.2
In this menu, you can review the pictures you have taken.
This feature offers the ability to store all captured photo images in an
album. When no images have been captured, the
message will be
displayed. The picture will display the last image viewed. The title of the
image will be displayed on top as well as the the index number of the
displayed image. The left or right navigation key is used to view previous
or next image.
All Pictures
(Menu 1.2.1)
You can view all pictures.
General Pictures
(Menu 1.2.2)
You can view all pictures except Photo ID Pictures.
Photo ID Pictures
(Menu 1.2.3)
This is where 48
80 size images can be stored.
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