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In-Call Menu
Multiparty or Conference Calls
The multiparty or conference service provides you with the ability to have
a simultaneous conversation with more than one caller, if your network
service provider supports this feature. A multiparty call can only be set up
when you have one active call and one call on hold and both calls have
been answered. Once a multiparty call is set up, calls may be added,
disconnected or separated (that is, removed from the multiparty call but
still connected to you) by the person who sets up the multiparty call. These
options are all available from the
menu. The maximum callers in a
multiparty call are five. Once started, you are in control of the multiparty
call and only you can add callers to the multiparty call.
Making a Second Call
You can make a second call while currently on a call. Enter the second
number and press the
. When the second call is connected, the first call
is automatically placed on hold. You can swap between calls, by pressing
Setting up a Conference Call
To set up a conference call, place one call on hold and while the active call
is on, press the left soft key [
] then select
and then
Activate the Conference Call on Hold
To activate a conference call on hold, press the left soft key [
] then
Retrieve Call
Adding Calls to the Conference Call
To add a call to an existing conference call, dial another number, press the
left soft key [
Options Menu
] then select
and then
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