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123 Mode(Numbers Mode)
Type numbers using one keystroke per number. To change to 123 mode in
a text entry field, press
key until 123 mode is displayed.
Symbol Mode
This mode allows you to enter special characters.
Changing the Text Input Mode
When you are in a field that allows characters to be entered, you will notice
the text input mode indicator in the upper right corner of the display.
If you want to change modes, press and hold down the
key. The
available modes are displayed.
To switch to Symbol mode, press the
Using the T9 Mode
The T9 predictive text input mode allows you to enter words easily with a
minimum number of key presses. As you press each key, the phone begins
to display the characters that it thinks you are typing based on a built-in
dictionary. As new letters are added, the word changes to reflect the most
likely candidate from the dictionary.
When you are in the T9 predictive text input mode, start entering a word
by pressing keys
. Press one key per letter.
The word changes as letters are typed - ignore what’s on the screen
until the word is typed completely.
If the word is still incorrect after typing completely, press the down
navigation key once or more to cycle through the other word options.
Example: Press
4 6 6 3
to type
4 6 6 3
[down navigation key] to type
If the desired word is missing from the word choices list, add it by
using the ABC mode.
General Functions
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