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Making a Call From the Contact List
You can store names and phone numbers dialed frequently in the SIM card
as well as the phone memory known as the Contact List.
You can dial a number by simply looking up a name in the contact list. For
more details on the Contact List feature, please refer to
page 76
Adjusting the Volume
During a call, if you want to adjust the earpiece volume, use the side keys
of the phone.
In idle mode with the flip cover open, you can adjust the ring volume using
the side keys.
Answering a Call
When you receive a call, the phone rings and the flashing phone icon
appears on the screen. If the caller can be identified, the caller’s phone
number(or name if stored in your Address Book) is displayed.
Open the flip and press the
key or the left soft key to answer an
incoming call. If the
Any Key
menu option(Menu 9.4.2) has been set,
any key press will answer a call except for the
key or the right soft
To reject an incoming call, press and hold the side keys on the left side of
the phone without opening the flip.
If the
Answer Mode
menu option(Menu 9.4.2) is set to flip open, you do not
need to press any key. You can answer the call simply by opening the flip.
End the call by closing the phone or pressing the
You can answer a call while using the Address Book or other menu
General Functions
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