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Setting the system BIOS
Setting the system BIOS
A_Turn on your computer system. During the startup sequence, run the CMOS(BIOS) setup program. Newer systems will
typically display a message similar to "press DEL to enter SETUP", showing how to access the CMOS(BIOS) program.
(What is the CMOS Setup?)
It's a program that controls the computer's basic details such as Date and Time, memory capacity, and disk drive status.
Because this information gets recorded into the CMOS IC, these recorded details are not lost when
the computer is turned off.
B_Choose a device position within the BIOS where the hard disk drive will be installed.
C_To make the computer detect the hard disk drive, select the "auto-detect" option then save and exit the BIOS set up.
If your computer supports IDE HDD auto detection, the hard disk drive will automatically be detected. If you select the
type from the IDE Adapter Primary Master Slave section, "Autotype Fixed Disk: [Press Enter]" will appear on the screen.
If you press Enter, the hard disk drive will automatically be detected.