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Partitioning and formatting
Partitioning and formatting
The newly installed hard disk drive must be partitioned and formatted before it is ready for use. If your operating system(OS)
is Windows 2000, XP, or higher, your OS will automatically recognize the hard drive. Follow the on screen directions when
installing your OS. Please refer to your OS and/or computer user's manual for more information.
If your OS is windows ME or earlier, take the following steps.
A_When the CMOS setup is completed, reboot the system with a booting diskette that has FDISK and FORMAT programs.
B_Run the FDISK program to set up the partitions.
If you only want to use a single partition, select all the disk space available by the hard disk drive. In order to use 2 or
more partitions, divide the disk space.
C_Reboot with a booting diskette.
D_Run the FORMAT program and format the hard disk drive. If you divided the drive into multiple partitions (D:, E:, etc.) ,
you must format all the drives.
FDISK and FORMAT programs erase all the data on the hard disk drive.
To avoid inadvertent erasure, backup your data before running FDISK or FORMAT programs.
Installing the operating system(OS)
Refer to the operating system user's manual to install the operating system.
Installing the operating system(OS)