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LaCie Biggest F800
Up to 2 TB capacity storage
The LaCie Biggest F800 introduces a new level of data
storage with an astounding capacity of up to 2 terabytes
(TB) combined with RAID technology. The finest choice in
flexibility, the LaCie Biggest F800 comes with 4 discs at
250GB or 400GB each for a maximum capacity of up to
2 TB. With USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 interface connections,
it is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems.
A highly secure and exceptionally fast RAID storage solution,
the LaCie Biggest F800 offers optimal processing potential
by harnessing the power of four disks in one tower. The
RAID system offers a perfect combination of total available
capacity and the ability to rescue data in the event of a disc
failure. The LaCie Biggest F800 supports RAID levels 0, 0+1
and 5, as well as RAID 5+hot spare.
Its exceptionally high transfer rates make the Biggest
F800 well suited for audio-visual and creative
professionals who require a quick path to powerful
data storage and retrieval. Ideal for saving hefty files,
protecting databases or working directly on the drive,
it delivers high-capacity performance at an affordable
price. The user-friendly LaCie Biggest F800 allows for easy
installation of four arrayed disks with no driver required.
The LaCie Biggest F800 allows for online hot swapping
should a drive fail, with automatic data rebuilding to a
new drive without downtime. With the added option of
designating one of the drives a hot spare, the Biggest
F800 will automatically replace a faulty one. For
additional protection, it will automatically react to a
drive, fan or power failure and even shut down above a
temperature of 55° C to preserve itself and your data.
• Extremely large 2 TB storage capacity
• Safe and fast RAID technology
• User-friendly installation and operation
• Hot swapping and hot spare options
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