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Quick Start ( Manual ) Program
The Quick Start ( Manual ) program lets you start a workout without entering any information.
During a Manual Workout, each column represents a 2 minute time period. The active column will advance across the screen
every 2 minutes. If the workout lasts for more than 30 minutes, the active column is fixed on the farthest column on the right
and pushes the previous columns off the display.
Stand on the machine.
Push the Increase/Decrease button to select the correct User profile. If you do not have a User profile set up, you can
select a User profile that has no customized data (default values only).
Push the QUICK START button to start the Manual program.
To change the resistance level, push the Resistance Increase/Decrease buttons. The current interval and future intervals
are set to the new level. The default Manual resistance level is 4. The time will count up from 00:00.
If a Manual workout is performed for more than 99 minutes and 59 seconds (99:59), the units for Time will shift to
hours and minutes ( 1 hour, 40 minutes ).
When done with your workout, stop pedaling and push PAUSE/END to pause the workout. Push PAUSE/END again to
end the workout.
The workout results are recorded to the current User Profile.
User Profiles
The Console lets you store and use 2 User profiles. The User profiles automatically record the workout results for each workout,
and allow the workout data to be reviewed.
The User profile stores the following data:
Name—up to 10 characters
Preferred Workout Values
Select a User Profile
Every workout is saved to a User Profile. Be sure to select the proper User Profile before starting a workout. The last User that
completed a workout will be the default user.
User Profiles are assigned the default values until they are customized by editing. Be sure to edit the User Profile for more
accurate calorie and heart rate information.
From the Power-Up Mode screen, push the Increase(
) or Decrease(
) buttons to select one of the User Profiles. The
Console will display the name of the User Profile and the User Profile Icon.
Edit User Profile
From the Power-Up Mode screen, push the Increase(
) or Decrease(
) buttons to select one of the User Profiles.
Push the OK button to select the User Profile.
The Console display shows the EDIT prompt and the current User Profile name. Push OK to start the Edit User Profile
To exit the Edit User Profile option, push the PAUSE/END button and the console will go back to the Power-Up Mode