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This icon means a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.
Obey the following warnings:
Read and understand all warnings on this machine.
Carefully read and understand the Assembly instructions.
Keep bystanders and children away from the product you are assembling at all times.
Do not connect power supply to the machine until instructed to do so.
Do not assemble this machine outdoors or in a wet or moist location.
Make sure assembly is done in an appropriate work space away from foot traffic and exposure to bystanders.
Some components of the machine can be heavy or awkward. Use a second person when doing the assembly steps
involving these parts. Do not do steps that involve heavy lifting or awkward movements on your own.
Set up this machine on a solid, level, horizontal surface.
Do not try to change the design or functionality of this machine. This could compromise the safety of this machine and will
void the warranty.
If replacement parts are necessary, use only genuine Nautilus replacement parts and hardware. Failure to use genuine
replacement parts can cause a risk to users, keep the machine from operating correctly and void the warranty.
Do not use until the machine has been fully assembled and inspected for correct performance in accordance with the
Read and understand the complete Manual supplied with this machine before first use. Keep the Manual for future
Do all assembly steps in the sequence given. Incorrect assembly can lead to injury or incorrect function.
This product contains magnets. Magnetic fields can interfere with the normal use of certain medical devices at a close
range. Users may come into proximity of the magnets in the assembly, maintenance, and/or use of the product. Given the
obvious importance of these devices, such as a
pacemaker, it is important that you consult with your medical provider
in connection with the use of this equipment. Please consult the “Safety Warning Labels and Serial Number” section to
determine the location of the magnets on this product.