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R E A D Y F O R U S E …
When you have checked all the
connections, connect your main
system to the mains – and then
the BeoLink Passive amplifier
Once connected to the mains
the BeoLink Passive is in stand-
by mode, as indicated by a tiny
red light on the front. The
amplifier box switches on and
off automatically, and is
designed to be left in stand-by
mode when not in use. When
it is switched on, the indicator
turns green.
Normally, the BeoLink Passive
will now be ready for use.
However, in special product
setups, you may need to pre-
program the setup.
The BeoLink Passive can be pre-
programmed for the following
setup situations
Option 0:
To be used if you
want to disable remote con-
trol operation of the BeoLink
Passive (to re-enable remote
control, select one of the
other options).
Option 4:
To be used if you in-
stall the BeoLink Passive in
the same room as your main
system (e.g. in a large L-
shaped living room with two
separate listening positions).
Option 5:
To be used if you in-
stall a TV set in the same
room as you BeoLink Passive.
Option 6:
To be used for a set-
up with your main system in
one room and the BeoLink
Passive in another, as describ-
ed in this guide (this is the
factory setting).
Using a Beo4:
Hold the • button while
pressing LIST.
When the Beo4 display reads
OPTION?, press GO.
Press LIST to display L.OPT
and then key in the appro-
priate number (0, 4, 5 or 6).
Using a Beolink 1000:
Press LINK, the appropriate
number (0, 4, 5 or 6), and
then STORE.
The preprogramming is done
with a Bang & Olufsen remote
control. It must be carried out
with both the main- and the
link system switched to stand-
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