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If you have installed more
units throughout the house,
make sure that the remote
control can only activate one
receiver at a time.
Place the amplifier box on a
stable surface, e.g. on a non-
carpeted floor, a shelf, or at the
bottom of a cupboard.
Allow a space of approx. 5 cm
(2") above the amplifier box
for adequate ventilation.
Planning your installation
The BeoLink Passive kit consist
of these two main parts:
The BeoLink Passive receiver
(close-up operation panel
and receiver for the remote
control signals).
The BeoLink Passive amplifier
In the following we have listed
some advice and requirements
for the placement of the Beo-
Link Passive parts:
Before you start make sure
you have all the necessary
cables, junction boxes, screws,
wall plugs, etc. If in doubt,
please contact your Bang &
Olufsen dealer.
Do not connect any units in
your system to the mains,
before you have made the
The units in the system must
all be placed in a dry place,
i.e. not outdoors (the cables,
however, may very well be
run outdoors).
The BeoLink Passive receiver:
The receiver is designed to
function within a tempera-
ture range of 0 – 55°C (32 –
130°F). If it is exposed to
higher or lower tempera-
tures, it may block the whole
Avoid placing the receiver in
direct sunlight or direct artifi-
cial light (e.g. a spotlight),
or near objects generating
electrical noise (e.g. dimmers),
as this may reduce the sensi-
tivity of the remote control
The receiver cable supplied
is 5 metres (15'). If you need
a longer cable you must use
special low capacity
This cable can be purchased
at you Bang & Olufsen dealer
(part number 6270668, length
15 metres – 50').
Place the receiver so it can
receive the remote control
If the receiver is placed next
to a door and in a suitable
height, you can easily switch
on or off on its close-up
operation panel, when enter-
ing or leaving the room.
Likewise, if it is placed near
your telephone, you can
switch off the speakers while
you are on the phone.
The BeoLink Passive amplifier
The amplifier box is designed
to function within a tempera-
ture range of 10 – 40°C (50
– 105°F).
For safety reasons, the mains
must be
secured to the
amplifier box as explained on
page 7.
If you are going to hang
the amplifier box on a wall
always use the correct size
and type of screws and wall
plugs to support the weight
of the amplifier box
(depending on the material
and the construction of the
wall). If in doubt, consult
your Bang & Olufsen dealer.
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