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V. Turning the Speakers Off
1. Push and hold the power/volume/scan control (C) to turn each speaker OFF.
You will need to hold the control for about 1.5 seconds for the speaker to
turn off.
2. Confirm that the speaker is off by verifying that the red “standby/charging”
light and the blue “tuned” light are off.
If rechargeable batteries are installed (NiMH or NiCd only) and the
speakers remain plugged in via the AC power adapters, the left
“standby/charging” indicator light will glow green, even after the
speakers have been turned off, indicating that the rechargeable batteries
are being charged.
VI. Recharging the Batteries
The speaker will automatically charge the rechargeable batteries when the
batteries are installed and the speaker is plugged in with the AC power adapter.
The “standby/charging” indicator (B) will light up green to confirm that the
batteries are being charged.
The AW871 built-in charger will charge rechargeable NiMH or
NiCd batteries
only. DO NOT
attempt to charge any other batteries except
those specified above.
If alkaline or other non-rechargeable batteries are installed,
plug in the speakers using the AC power adapters. This can cause the
batteries to leak and damage the speakers. Only use rechargeable batteries if
you intend to keep the speakers plugged in.
VII. More Helpful Information
i. About Fixed-Level Audio Outputs:
A fixed-level, or line-level audio output is considered ideal since it provides
an audio signal unchanged by adjustments to the audio source (stereo, etc.)
volume control.
Fixed-level audio outputs from stereo receivers/amps will typically be
designated as Tape, Tape 1, and Tape 2 outputs, or VCR audio output
These outputs are frequently marked on A/V equipment as ‘TAPE OUTPUT,’
Please note:
Jacks labeled PHONO, CD, LD, DVD or tape or VCR playback
(PB) are INPUTS and will not work with the transmitter.
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