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Turning the Speaker Off
1. Press and hold the ON/OFF/TUNING/VOL. control to turn the speaker off.
2. Confirm that the speaker is off by verifying that the STDBY./TUNED indicator
is no longer illuminated.
The speaker will automatically charge
batteries (NiMH or NiCd
when the batteries are installed and the speaker is plugged in with the AC power
adapter. The CHARGE indicator on the front of the speaker will illuminate.
Warning: DO NOT
power the speaker with the AC power adapter if you installed
alkaline or other non-rechargeable batteries – this could cause the batteries to leak,
which would damage the speaker.
2. Adjust the volume on the speaker as desired.
3. Set up the speaker for mono or stereo operation.
a) Monaural operation: The monaural mode
(MONO) is recommended when using a single
AW822 by itself. For monaural operation, set
the L/MONO/R switch to “MONO” on each
b) Stereo operation:
You need an additional
AW822 speaker for the stereo option. Set the L/
MONO/R switch to “L” on the speaker located
to the left from the listener, and set the other
speaker to the “R” position.
Speaker Side View
Slide Switch
The speaker automatically retunes if it loses the transmitter’s signal. You can also press
the ON/OFF/TUNING/VOL. button on the side of the speaker to retune the speaker at
any time.
The transmitter turns off automatically if there is no audio signal present for a
prolonged period.
Interference in the form of static and/or distortion can sometimes be heard. If this
occurs, confirm the transmitter/speaker adjustments and indicators. If the problem
persists, refer to the Troubleshooting section of this manual.
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