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The following troubleshooting guide takes you through some of the more common
problems associated with the installation and/or operation of a wireless system. If the
problem persists, please call toll-free at 1-800- 732-6866 or visit
Cause and solution:
No sound
Check that the transmitter AC power adapter is fully inserted into the wall outlet
and the power cord from the AC adapter is firmly connected to the transmitter
power input jack.
Confirm that the speaker is turned on and tuned to the transmitter—
the STDBY./TUNED indicator light on the front of the speaker should be
illuminated blue.
If you’re using the power adapters, confirm that both (for the speaker and for the
transmitter) are fully inserted into their wall outlets and the adapter power cords
are firmly connected to the power input jacks on the transmitter or speaker.
If you’re using batteries, check that they are fresh and inserted with correct
polarity (+, –).
Check that the audio source component (stereo, TV, etc.) is turned on and
transmitting sound as it normally should.
Check that the speaker volumes are turned up.
If you are using a Tape 2 Monitor output from your receiver/amp as the audio
output, check that you have pressed the Tape Monitor/Tape 2 button on the
front of the receiver. This will turn on the Tape 2 outputs, which may not have
been active.
Cause and solution:
No sound/
When using battery power, make sure the batteries are fresh and replace if
Check that the speaker STDBY./TUNED indicator is illuminated blue.
Change the position of the channel select switch (1, 2 or 3) to change the
operating frequency. The speaker will detect the loss of signal and retune
automatically. You can also press the ON/OFF/TUNING/VOL. control up once
to make the speaker retune.
Change the location of the transmitter. Place it as high and away from
obstructions as possible. Avoid placing the transmitter directly on top of or
behind a TV.
Move the transmitter and speaker closer together. Sending the signal through
certain materials, such as glass, tile, and metal, can decrease the effective
transmitting distance of the system.
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