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Active Three-way Hi-Fi Stereo
System with Digital Control
STUDIO three-way Hi-Fi Multimedia Speaker System (MSS) with microprocessor control has a
built-in dual-channel Hi-Fi power ampli
er, high quality headphone ampli
er and high-grade surge
protector. The MSS is equipped with a built-in FM tuner, LED display, high quality USB DAC,
Distortion e
ect module, and Karaoke module. Due to all this, STUDIO can be successfully used
for providing sound for dance
oors and halls, holding rehearsals and concerts without using
additional costly equipment. The MSS is made in professional acoustics format, which means
using Speak
n connectors, solid metal grilles, powder painting, protective corner covers and carry
To avoid electric shock do not open the MSS and do not perform repairs by yourself.
Do not allow circuit of wires (including grounded ones) between speakers, power ampli
er or
ground, for it causes damage of power ampli
er output stage.
Do not put foreign objects inside the holes of the MSS. Make sure that needles, hair pins, coins,
insects etc. do not get inside.
Protect the MSS from high humidity, water and dust. Do not locate it in areas with high level of
humidity and dust.
Protect the MSS from heating: do not locate it near a heat source or expose to direct sunlight.
Do not use gasoline, alcohol or other solvents when cleaning, since they may damage the
paint-coated surface of the MSS. Clean it with dry soft cloth only.
If the MSS does not operate, unplug it and address your dealer.
Active speaker — 1 pc
Passive speaker — 1 pc
Acoustic cable — 1 pc
2RCA to 2RCA signal cable — 1 pc
USB cable — 1 pc
Power cable — 1 pc
FM antenna — 1 pc
Remote control — 1 pc
CR 2032 Battery
— 1 pc
Operation manual — 1 pc
Warranty card — 1 pc
Caution! High voltage inside! To avoid the risk of electric
shock do not open or touch elements inside.
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