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Active Three-way Hi-Fi Stereo
System with Digital Control
If none of the above methods can solve the problem, please seek professional advice at your
nearest service center. Never attempt to repair the product yourself.
The MSS isn’t connected to a mains outlet.
Power switch is o
Volume level is set at minimum value.
The audio source is improperly connected.
Volume level is set at minimum value.
Large amplitude of the input signal.
The battery is discharged.
There is direct sunlight.
Obstacle between the remote control and
the receiver on the control panel.
The FM-tuner is not connected.
Poor reception of antennas.
Check the connection.
Turn on the switch.
Adjust the volume control knob.
Connect audio sources correctly.
Adjust volume control knob.
Turn down the source volume and
MSS volume.
Replace the battery with a new one.
Change location of subwoofer or
remote control.
Change the speaker or remote
control location.
Connect the FM-antenna.
Connect an external FM-antenna.
The MSS does not
turn on.
No sound.
There is too quiet
sound of speakers.
Distortion of
The remote control
is not working.
The FM-tuner is
not working.
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